Friday night, early December, I realize I need 16,000 points by December 30th to keep my airline frequent flyer status. A trip to New York won’t get the needed points. Wait, is this true.... a flight leaving for Hong Kong tomorrow morning for $800 round trip, earning over 20,000 points. Perfect! Ticket purchased, hotel booked, transportation arranged, itinerary completed. I’m really sleepy but my 17hour flight leaves in 6 hours and I need to pack for this 4 day, 3 night trip to Hong Kong. I packed my carry on Samsonite wheeled backpack, no checked luggage, so I should clear customs faster and no waiting on luggage or lost luggage.

Club Lounge. Even if you’re flying main cabin on an international flights, with your frequent flyer status you a have access to the flagship lounge. So I stopped in for a few mimosas before boarding to prepare for the longest part of the trip, 12 hours from LAX to Narita Japan.

Onboard. I used the airlines app to change my seat prior to boarding and chose a window seat where the middle seat was open so I could to stretch out. I watched four movies, slept, ate, and enjoyed a few complimentary alcoholic beverages.

Overall good flights and good customer service.

Hong Kong arrival. Arrived in Hong Kong at 10:30pm as scheduled. I wanted to maximize my time, so I prearranged the $8 Hong Kong Electric Buggy service for what seemed like 2 miles from the arrival gate to immigration. While everyone else was waiting on their luggage, I was one of the first to clear customs. I splurged by having the Peninsula Hong Kong concierge arrange transportation pick up in their Brewster Green color Rolls Royce Phantom.

Hong Kong itinerary. If you’re planning a trip to Hong Kong or are just interested in what I did in Hong Kong for 3 days, check out my Hong Kong Itinerary. Find out how I leveraged my American Express platinum card and other travel tips to create an experience and memories that will last a lifetime.

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